Top Timber Dining Tables Melbourne for 2017

Most people in Melbourne like to look for what is hot in the market when addressing their home design needs and furniture has not been left behind. Furniture trends and home design tend to define the essence of any home. Fashion is all about product preferences and style that make the owner develop a certain way of feeling. Here are some of the professional furniture looks that will turn your Melbourne house into a home.

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Strong Mix and Match Colors

You can choose to mix colours like green and red if you don’t want your home to be like the one from the story of Dr Seuss. You will see some popular colours at your Bayres Design’s dining tables in Melbourne, TV stands, TV Cabinets and TV units furniture stores. Some of the popular colours you will see in your local stores are silver, white and black. The advantages of contrasting colours are that they add depth to the decoration. You should be keen to select colours from matching colours like baby colours or contrasting earth tones among others.

‘X’ Marks the Sport

If you are keen, you can recall the XO coffee tables and dining tables in Melbourne that date back in 2000. Furniture trends come back and keep on rotating for decades and the X design seem to be re-surfacing in 2017. Most featured furnishings in Melbourne now stock this design from the manufacturers to retailers. Initially, designers used metal to make this design but now a lot of wood is used for the same.

The Exotic Style

Are you curious about trying out Moroccan or Thai food? It’s like furniture is taking the same pattern in Melbourne home designs like TV Stands in Melbourne. The current trends are shifting towards furnishing the home with more simple, exotic, and tropical styles. Some of the furniture items that fall into this category include rattan, wicker, those manufactured from bamboo, or accents and oriental carvings. In case you don’t have the intention to make a long-term investment while matching up these pieces, you could choose simple pillows that you can swap out once you are tired of them.

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Super-size it

Most designers in Melbourne preach balance and proportion in their designs. However, as trends shift towards styles such as ‘odd number of shelving,’ some goes for full-size furniture on the wall décor. Some of it may include the oversized coffee table or sectional ottoman. You must be keen to leave enough space if your home or floor plan will end up looking small. Using the super-size factor in any piece of furniture that is focused will assist you to centre your design while making the choices for your furniture.

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Spirituality. Zen? Yoga?

This continues to be the primary theme in furniture design especially when the public has a tendency of focusing on an eco-friendly world. Putting Zen, Yoga, meditation, and spiritual elements in your design is an excellent way of ringing in the 2017 eco-friendly ideas that each homeowner is raving about. These are just some of the standard design and furniture trends that will help you to define your home and give it a pro-designer look.