How to Choose Swimwear Australia for Various Body Figures

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Would you like your body to look like the models you see in swim ads? The secret is sporting a sexy swimwear Australia that will bring out the areas you want to be displayed and conceal what you want to remain private. The guiding principle while choosing the right women’s swimsuit is to accept that your body features are unique and strive to highlight the best ones. Therefore, you need to understand your body type before you begin searching for an ideal women’s swimwear on saleFor more information, please visit our website here.

The Australian market is flooded with different types of designer swimwear such as the bikinis, one-piece standard swimsuit, long sleeve swimwear, and one-piece swimsuit among others. Each category of these garments is normally compatible with different shapes of women’s bodies. You can find most of them online while others are readily available from brick and water retail stores near you.


  1. Swimsuit That Highlight an Hourglass Body Type

If you are endowed with a curved hourglass body type, a two-piece bikini will accentuate your round bottom and top in a very beautiful manner.  You can give your figure the effect it requires by going for a belted bikini bottom coupled with a halter top. Also, you could try out a one-piece swimsuit with a wrap around your torso and high-cut thighs.

  1. Swimwear for Pear Shaped Body Types

If you are conscious about your heavy thighs and hips, you need a sexy women’s swimsuit that will drive away attention from your stomach. A one-piece standard swimsuit that has beautiful strapless printed tops, necklines or empire waist will focus the eyes towards the upper section of your body. Also, you could put on a bikini bottom that has matte or dark shades or goes for boy-cut shorts.

  1. Swimwear for an Apple Shaped Body Type

Even a person who has a top-heavy figure can comfortably put on a swimsuit. However, ensure that the designer women’s swimwear on sale you are about to buy has an under-wire support and built-in cups to provide you with enough support.  You can effectively camouflage those broad shoulders using a V-neck or scoop neck. Retain bright colours for your bottom piece and go for relatively dark shades while choosing the top.

  1. Swimwear for Flatter Chests

Women who have flat or small chests with few curves can still find perfect swimwear Australia. Choose a swimwear that has ruffles that surround the breast line if you want to give your chest a much fuller look. You could also go for a one-piece swimsuit that has inbuilt padded bras to boost your shape.

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  1. Women with a Specious ‘Tummy Tuck-In’ Effect

A bulging tummy should not stop you from putting on a designer swimsuit. There is no need to wait for the day you will get back in shape. Try one-piece women’s belted bathing swimwear that will cover the problem area. Women’s swimwear that comes with vertical stripes and an attractive neckline can also serve the purpose. However, you can choose a halter top that will not expose the tummy too much if you wish to go for a two-piece swimwear.

  1. Athletic Figure Swimwear

If you have developed muscles because you are so much into sports, a swimwear that has lots of embellishments and prints and girlie ruffles can soften these features. If this does not deliver the effect you desire, a boy short that can offer greater coverage would do.

  1. Swimwear for Tall and Small Body Frames

If your figure is not voluptuous, the best choice for you could be string bikinis. A one-piece monokini that has vibrant colour patterns and prints can complement the lean and tall structure.



A designer swimsuit that has a halter-top will serve you well if you are looking for something that is more generic irrespective of the body type. Bottoms that have strings on the two sides will assist the woman to make any adjustments. However, it’s advisable to use your imagination if you want to enjoy the fun of wearing a sporting sexy swimwear.