How to Choose the Right Fingerprint Time Attendance System?

Biometric technology enables identification of people based on physical and intrinsic characteristics. There are many parts of the body that can be used for biometric identification like the fingerprints, palm, iris, and the face. Many people use the fingerprint system for identification. Apart from showing a unique pattern for each individual, fingerprints have other attributes that make them popular like easy capturing, consistency throughout the human’s life, and quick verification. HRMS Malaysia and Malaysia payroll software normally come together with time attendance system.

The sensor type

The sensor is the most crucial fingerprint machine part. It captures the fingerprint image before converting it into a unique identification number. Fingerprint time attendance system in Malaysia is a very common sensor types for the silicon and optical sensors.

The optical sensor is the old technology it is easy to implement and relatively stable in distinct room temperatures. However, its performance depends on the clarity of its optical surface. When you are choosing a machine that has optical sensors, you need to consider the coated optical option. This coat prevents the sensor from direct touches and maintains clarity on the optical space.

The silicon sensor is the most current technology. It constructs the image of the sensor by mapping capacitance or pressure between the silicon chip and the skin. This technology has advantages like providing accurate fingerprint images that occupy a small space and requires a small operational budget. However, unless the silicon sensor is protected, it will not be durable when put in frequent use. As a result of this, the silicon sensor system is not to be used for the public as it might require thousands of times of access.

The capacity of the fingerprint time attendance template

The capacity of the fingerprint time attendance template is the maximum number of images that the machine can store. It is advisable to choose a machine which has a memory capacity of twice the number of employees. When you have twice the space, your employees will have a backup in the case of an identification problem.

The capacity of log buffer

This represents the maximum amount of log transactions stored temporarily in the fingerprint machine. The fingerprint time attendance log remains in the system for several days before downloading into the server system. The capacity does not have to exceed five times the amount of employees.

The identification speed

The speed of identification is the average time the fingerprint machine requires to identify the person based on the pattern of the print. The procedure involves scanning, searching, and comparing the pattern against the fingerprint database. The machine needs to do the analysis within one second.

About the fingerprint time attendance clock

The key to the biometric time attendance clock is the fingerprint scanner. It has the vital role of taking high-quality images that can identify the images with clarity. It needs to have sophisticated software that encrypts and analyses the images with speed to determine if the valleys and ridges of the coded fingerprints match the ones that are in the system. Security is the primary plus point of these scanners. The underlying idea of this technology is that it does not store the fingerprints but rather saves them in terms of binary coded numbers that ensures the security of the print.