The Evolution of Anne Hathaway

February 15th, 2013

Anne Hathaway has created some buzz with her portrayal in the latest film version of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Through the years, the actress has evolved from being innocent, to vampy, to glamorous, to pretty, and delicate. She is a beauty chameleon and has never failed to impress anyone whether she’s donning a cropped or long locks.

During the NYC Ballet Fall Gala, Anne Hathaway honored Valentino Garavani by wearing one of his very feminine creations. The actress has a thinned out look due to her recent role as Le Miserables’ Fantine.

During the 2011 Oscars, Anne was all about glamor. She had a good amount of eyeliner and sexy red lips. The lighter tone of her hair also help warm up her skin tone. Her hairstyle also showcased her cool bling.

During the premier of Love and Other Drugs back in 2010, the actress was all about poise and elegance. Her chestnut brown locks had lots (and lots) of waves.

For this one, Anne Hathaway was wearing a Valentino gown during the 2010 Met Gala. She had flowing hair and doses of pink makeup to achieve that ethereal look.

Simple but sensual sums up this look during the 2009 Oscars. Her strong eyebrows and red lips complimented her Armani gown.

Top hair products this season

December 5th, 2012

hair-productsHair products to the magic you wish for. Using some products can easily get you that straightened or curly hair to your desire.

For straight and thin hair

If you have straight and thin hair, you might also be complaining about the strands that seem to have their own minds. You can check out products like the Flyaway Tamer by John Frieda, Mega Hairspray by L’Oreal Paris, or the Thickening Spray by Ojon.

The John Frieda treatment can fit in your bag so you can wave this magic wand anywhere you are to tame all those unruly strands. The L’Oreal creation can help you keep you style in tack as you do what you need to do while keeping your hair shiny and soft. The Ojon magic uses ginseng extract that helps condition your hair and add a bit of volume.

For straight and thick hair

Suave offers a Root Boost Volumizing Spray for girls who wish to add some volume to their weighed down and flat hair. You can apply the treatment by spraying it to the roots of your hair then just blow it dry.

Kerastase has Chroma Cristal that is rich in vitamin E so it can protect the color of your hair. It is also loaded with silicone to keep your hair shiny.

For wavy hair

If you want to add some more definition to your hair’s soft waves, you can use Bumble & Bumble Texture. This is a cream that will help hold the waves without the wet look that you do not want. You need to apply it while your hair is still damp then just tousle and scrunch using your fingers to achieve the desired look.

For curly hair

The Style-Prep from the Be Curly line of Aveda seals and moisturizes the cuticle of the hair to keep it intact. VO5 has the Perfect Hold Gel that can give you excellent control when styling your hair without the sticky and stiff feeling.

Best accessories for you beach holiday

July 6th, 2012

You will surely be busy this summer with all the parties with friends and hours if not days on the beach for some dose of sand and water. Here are some of the best accessories for your summer getaways:

Chesapeake Alice Knapsack

When you head to the beach, you will need a dependable bag that can hold pretty much everything that you need. It must be light and it must be a no-fuss bag. The Chesapeake Knapsack is a modern take of the military packs. It is big enough but very lightweight so it is very ideal for travelers. It is made of leather on top with cotton canvas for the lower half.

Retro glasses by Valentino and Straw hat by J. Crew

No holiday on the beach is complete without your straw hat and your cool retro shades. The chic hat is made of paper straw that can easily be folder for no hassle packing. It also has a wide brim to protect your face from the intense sunlight. Complete the look with retro sunglasses from Valention.

Bella tunic by Lemlem

This handwoven tunic is very versatile and classy. This coverup is perfect for sun worshippers to wrap your tanned body. This comes in several colors and is made from a combo of cotton and acrylic.

Dinner Sandal by Miu Miu

You had your pedicure but you must complete beach body fab look with a pair of gorgeous sandals. This pair of sandals from Miu Miu comes with a starfish strap embellished with crystals. It has an open toe design with adjustable ankle strap. This will surely make you glitter when you have that dinner while enjoying the sunset and breeze.

Tote by Anthropologie Imogen

This tote bag is handcrafted from straw by Banago artisans. The wild grasses are dried, flattened, and embroidered to make colorful and breathtaking tote bags.

Couture Comeback: Bow ties are in again

March 26th, 2012

We have always seen the bow tie as a bit of an awkward piece of the attire. We know it before as a black silk creation which makes it elegant but at the same time boring piece to complete the tuxedo get up. Don a bow tie and you will look either uber nerdy or ultra preppy.

This perception of bow ties though is about to change as a renaissance of the bow tie has begun, thanks to several companies who reinvented these neckpieces using different fabrics and elaborate details to make the bow tie a lecture hall item to haute couture deal.

The companies making the colorful and elegant bow ties can pretty much do what you want to see with it. They can customize it according to the shape you want, add beads or maybe sequins, and other details. They do not come cheap though.

Here are some of the best bow ties that you can find today from Pomedoro which is among the prime movers of the renaissance of the bow tie:


Bow tie from Toronto based company Pomedoro makes use of midnight blue lace and detailed it with gold floral pattern. The lining is made of silk and you can use a gold button to fasten it.


This is a good blend of crystal and pearl tapestry on black silk.


This is a good take of the classic floral pattern.


Designed to give that elegant luxury look with a hint of playfullnes.

The best value facial mists you can get today

December 21st, 2011

Consumers are bombarded nowadays with myriad choices of potions, lotions, and other cosmetics products, but the last thing you want to do is waste your hard earned money for something that is useless. If you want to ask one thing that is essential to have in your beauty kit, I can confidently say that you need a facial mist. Aside from setting your makeup, it also replenishes the skin by hydrating, calming it, and making it more radiant. Here are some of the best facial mists that give you the best value out of your budget:

Mineral Water Spray by Evian

You might think this is just like your mineral water in a spritzer container. But it is really convenient that splashing some water straight from the bottle. This facial mist is perfect for skins which area easily irritated, usually dry, and flaky. It is also ideal if you will be stuck for hours in an air conditioned office, long overlay in an airport, or on a very humid and hot day.

Beauty Elixir from Caudalie

If ever a serum and a toner would have a baby, it will be this product. The Beauty Elixir gives your skin that instant radiance. It has a blend of essential oils which help tighten your pores but without requiring to reapply some moisturizer. This facial mist also boasts of anti-aging elements and a lovely scent.

Hydrating Floral Essence from Tata Harper

This is one of the higher end facial mists but we can still say it is of great value. The Hydrating Floral Essence is made up of all natural ingredients. It is also handmade in  a farm in Vermont. The blend of herbs and juices give it anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for sensitive skin that easily chaps and reddens. It is also a great aromatic boost with the scent of orange, rose, and lavender.

Spring Makeup Trends for 2010: 3

April 3rd, 2010

eyelashes-lg1Pink shadow and blush are just two of the many trends in the way of makeup for this spring and long lashes is the trend that tops them all.  This season is definitely all about the long, long lashes and there are a ton of different ways that you can get them – mascara being one of them.

While it might have not been one of the trends in the past, doing two, even three coats of mascara is a fantastic way to ensure that you get all of the length and none of the clump.  This is where the type of mascara you choose comes into play.

Maybelline is certainly one of my favorite brands – of all times, so make sure you look into some of the new mascaras that they are working out!

Spring Makeup Trends for 2010: 2

April 2nd, 2010

img-thingNow that we have touched on blush, let’s move on up to your eyes.  Your eyes are something that should certainly be defined whatever season you are in and for the spring time, pink is the color that is going to do it.  Pink looks absolutely beautiful as an eye shadow and really makes your eyes pop.

One trick that I use to brighten up my eyes a little more than they already is by adding in some light pink along the rim of the eye, upper and lower and then adding in some of the deeper pinks into the crease.

This layering trick is definitely great and will certainly make sure that your eyes pop out all over the place!

Spring Makeup Trends for 2010: 1

April 1st, 2010

blushWhen it comes to spring, it is finally time to ditch some of those old and drab colors and move onto something that is fresh and new and that is what we are going to explore in the next few blogs.  We are going to talk about exactly what makeup you should be wearing for the changing of the seasons!

For one, you want to make sure that your cheeks are absolutely rosy and breathtaking.  Blush is not something that you can forget and you want to make sure that it is a light, light pink, so you are just dusting your cheeks with some rose.

Rosy cheeks is the first trend that you should pick up in the way of makeup trends – stay tuned for the next one!

2010 Spring/Summer Dress Trends, Hot & Flirty: 3

March 20th, 2010

leather-dress-trendWe have seen about the fit of the dress and the style, but what about the material – well, that is what this is about.  Leather is one of those trends that seems to be seeping through every single fashion façade and to be honest, I love it however I am not sure how I love the leather dress.

While leather might be ideal for fall and winter, it is not the best for the summer heat, but if you do want to look hot, you might consider just risking it and taking out your leather dress the next time you have an event to go to.

That’s it for all of the dress trends that we have for the summer, just remember to keep these in mind and you will absolutely look chic and trendy at your next summer event!

2010 Spring/Summer Dress Trends, Hot & Flirty: 2

March 19th, 2010

bebe-vs-balmain-strapless-dress-knockoffNow that we have talked about one shoulder, let’s move onto what if you want to bare both of your shoulders?  Well, that is called a strapless dress and I can tell you for sure that the strapless dress trend is rapidly becoming increasing popular and I personally – love it!

Strapless dresses are actually ideal for any special events or occasions that you might be going to and they are super summery and absolutely some of the best looking pieces.  The designers are catching up with the trend as well, so you will be seeing the strapless trend throughout all of the runways as well.

More tips and tricks and dress trends in the next blog – it is all about the leather in the next blog!